Spoilers follow for episode one, two, three, four and five of Moon Knight. You have been warned!

Last week’s episode of Moon Knight was, if you excuse the pun, pretty harrowing. Delving into Marc’s troubled and tragic past to reveal why he needed to create Steven to survive a traumatic childhood, it went to places we could never expect. Mixed in with this harsh reality was the journey through the Egyptian afterlife, during which Steven was lost – and seemingly all hope of stopping Harrow and Ammit in the real world was lost with him.

However, with Layla still hidden from Harrow and Khonshu having resurrected Marc before, there’s still a chance that the Moon Knight can return – right?

The big question on the minds of most people is whether or not Marvel could stick the landing with Moon Knight; though their other series have generally been pretty effective all the way through, there’s a tendency for things to conclude a little unsatisfactorily in many cases. WandaVision is a good example of this, with the genuine inventiveness and mystery of the series leading to its climax becoming a bit of a standard superhero slugfest, powered by some underwhelming CGI (do note, however, that I did enjoy WandaVision a great deal – it was just a shame that the finale relied so heavily on superhero tropes for a big part of its running time).

Though there’s an element of that here and it is the most disappointing aspect of this final episode – with the overly prominent reliance on CGI becoming a bit too ambitious for its own good in a few instances – there’s still some genuinely interesting stuff (without veering into spoiler territory) and once more, there’s some developments that you won’t see coming.

Fans of the Moon Knight comic have no doubt been dying to see the payoff from the hints of a third personality for Marc/Steven; again, without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that it definitely makes sense to stick around for a post credits sequence. Without that sequence, the final scene does feel a little abrupt and perhaps even anticlimactic; while it might seem odd to hide such an important development after the credits, it’s fairly in character for Marvel to do so. Also worth noting is that there’s also a very big nod in this scene to one of Moon Knight’s most important artists, though in fairness it’s next to impossible to miss.

Though the episode as a whole doesn’t wrap everything up as neatly or satisfactorily as hoped – feeling very slightly rushed – there’s some genuinely neat touches and the way that Moon Knight (and his alter egos) have been handled overall has been nothing short of fantastic. It’d be great to see Oscar Isaac return to the role(s!); he’s been incredible in every aspect, with the lovable Steven Grant quite rightly – and very quickly – becoming a fan favourite.

Whether or not we’ll get a second series is unknown at this stage, but Marvel and the Moon Knight team have carved out a very interesting corner of the MCU; it’d be a real shame if this was the last we saw of it.

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