Spoilers follow for episode one, two, three and four of Moon Knight. You have been warned!

The final act of last week’s Moon Knight took a turn for the truly dark and bizarre, with Marc and Layla beating Harrow to Ammit’s tomb, only for Harrow to shoot Marc; kicking off a sequence in which Marc’s entire reality – the entire narrative of the show so far, even – is cast in doubt.

Coming to in an asylum, surrounded by familiar objects and people – albeit subtly (and some not so subtly) different – Marc is suddenly presented with the knowledge that his recent existence may have just been his fractured mind attempting to make sense of his genuine reality; yet an encounter with Steven as a separate person even throws that into doubt. By the time the episode ends with Marc and Steven encountering an Egyptian God in the form of an anthropomorphic hippo, all bets are off.

This week’s episode kicks off from that point and jumps around Marc’s – and Steven’s – mind and their pasts to give us a superhero origin story like no other.

The deep dive into Marc/Steven’s psychological state and the source of their mental anguish is brilliantly handled. There’s tragic and affecting details revealed over the course of the episode, but we also get to see more mystical elements of Egyptian mythology too.

It’s another well-handled episode – and one which is big, revealing and incredibly important to the wider narrative of the show and its main character. Oscar Isaac proves once again just how perfectly cast he was as Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Moon Knight. We’re left in a truly uncertain place by the end of the episode and – as has been the case with each week’s chapter so far – seven days seems like an awfully long time at this point to find out what happens next.

Moon Knight feels like true event television; the same can be said of a few MCU Disney Plus shows so far, but rarely have they felt so unpredictable and unique. Moon Knight has often been a character who was inconsistently handled in the comics, but when he was written well, he was always one of Marvel’s strongest and most interesting characters; though he flew under the radar for the most part, fans who were on board with his various comic runs knew they were onto something special. The same can be said of the live action show, which couldn’t have been handled any better in my opinion.

Let’s hope that next week’s finale continues to reach the high bar set by the rest of the series.

week, next week feels like a long way away at the moment!

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