The Evercade VS is undoubtedly my favourite console at the moment. Though it’s seemingly been beset by similar supply chain delay issues that the big boys – Sony and Microsoft – have been suffering from, it’s a console that is definitely worth getting hold of. It also won’t break the bank when you do – and it’s so much more than ‘just’ a way to play curated, physical collections of old games.

There’s also plenty of indie titles and previously unreleased – or simply geographically unavailable – games for the Evercade VS (and its predecessor/sister console, the handheld Evercade) that cost an awful lot more in both time and money to get elsewhere.

And one of the best new features for the Evercade VS is the Game of the Month, which allows console owners to download an indie game to try out for a whole month – for my favourite price: free.

In times where microtransactions and extra content can feel unfairly or unnecessarily, noticeably more than free, it’s a breath of fresh air to get a genuinely gratis experience for a month! What’s also cool is that the game actually remains free until you download another. Should you find a game you really like and want to essentially keep, just don’t download a subsequent one – simple.

Much as I adored the clever, engaging and original Tapeworm Disco Puzzle (the very first Evercade VS Game of the Month – which I covered here), curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t resist checking out the next game.

Which for May 2022 is…drum roll please…Nessy the Robot! NTR for short, it’s a single player platform game starring a robot who the game’s blurb insists ‘is in no way inspired by a piece of 1980s gaming hardware’. Fans of Nintendo’s 8-bit console won’t have a hard time decoding who or what Nessy is just from the title of this game…

It’s an instantly appealing game – colourful, brilliantly playable and immediately accessible. Nessy the Robot is also a game that’s full of nods to classic NES titles; it’s ace. The fact that it’s free for at least a month? Even better!

All of the Games of the Month for the foreseeable future will be titles that appear on the Indie Heroes 2 cartridge, which is due later this year for the Evercade (and will be compatible, just like all but the Namco collections, with both the VS and the handheld). Judging by the first two titles that have featured as Game of the Month on the Evercade VS, Indie Heroes 2 is going to be another essential pickup for owners of either (or both!) of the Evercade consoles.

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