Following the release of the excellent first and second issues, the third chapter of post-apocalyptic survival horror indie comic, Abyssal Albion, is currently live on Kickstarter.

Though I missed out on the Kickstarter campaign for the first issue, I stumbled upon it on Comichaus – and was immediately drawn in by the fresh take on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Set in a post-apocalyptic UK where the population seems to have been decimated by the Great Old Ones, a pair of siblings – known only as Sister and Brother – must survive the myriad dangers of the new and terrifying world they find themselves in.

The first issue took us into the woods for some good old fashioned folk horror – and we were off on a not-quite-traditional trip to the British seaside in issue two, for an encounter with some very punky Deep Ones.

This third issue picks up from issue two’s cliffhanger – and, having recently spoken to him, writer Thomas J. Campbell promised that more will be revealed about Sister and Brother this time around.

“This time we’re going to focus more on the backstories of who they are – I’m finally giving in and giving people what they want! I was asked so many times about that,” he told me.

Having spoken to Campbell last year, during the campaign for the second issue, he’d explained that the plan was for the story to take us to a different setting in each issue, exploring the UK via his unique take on the Lovecraft Mythos as we accompanied the siblings on their journey. With this shift to reveal more about the origins of the siblings, has that now changed? “I was always going to reveal their stories; it’s just that I’m now going to do that a bit sooner!”

Despite this slight acceleration of certain story elements, Lovecraft’s Dreamlands will still feature – which was always part of the plan. “It’s going to touch more on some of the themes that were in the first issue; certainly when it comes to the Dreamlands,” he reveals.

The preview art featured on the campaign page – gives the impression that we’re in for a much scarier ride this time around – would Campbell agree that this is the case for the third issue? “The first one was quite violent and the second had a fair chunk of violence in it, but this is definitely going to lean more into the horror aspect of it, just by the very nature of the story that we’re going for.”

Wayne Lowden’s art, as always, is pretty spectacular – and Campbell admits that even this has had an effect on the places the story is headed: “Every issue is still following my initial outline, but even the way that Wayne’s art has worked has seen it take on a life of its own!”

The Kickstarter isn’t just offering the third issue as part of the campaign’s various reward tiers – there’s a number of pledge levels including copies (physical or digital) of the first two issues to make sure you can catch up with the story so far, as well as add-ons such as postcards, art prints, stickers and t-shirts in various sizes too. It’s well worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of cosmic horror, comic books or Lovecraft in general.

With nearly 50% of funding reached after just a few days, it’s clear that this particular campaign should cross the finish line with ease – nevertheless, it’s well worth contributing now if you can do so!

The first two issues delivered punchy, punky slices of very British horror; with the promise of answers to questions readers have about the main characters – along with even more terrifying imagery – I’ve no doubt that the third issue will continue to reach the high bar of quality set by the previous two comics.

I should also point out that you don’t just have to take my word for it on those first issues – check out what plenty of other awesome people had to say about issue one here:

Abyssal Albion #3’s Kickstarter campaign ends on 22nd July 2022. You can check out – and back – the project here.

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