In episode four of Ms. Marvel, Kamala travels to Pakistan with her mother – where she learns some important details about her ancestry, as well as meeting some significant new allies in the unfamiliar city. ClanDestine are still in pursuit of Kamala, however – leading to an epic showdown between Kamala, her new friends and the enemies they have in common.

I’ve absolutely adored how well the show has captured the angst and drama of simply being a teenager; it perfectly captures the sense of having those first new experiences that broaden your horizons and change you forever. The cultural elements have been wonderfully handled from the beginning too – and that continues here.

I’ve accused the show of feeling as if it shoehorns the more fantastical elements in at times, which it does still do in a few scenes here – but on the whole, episode four handles the action and superheroics a lot more comfortably and effectively than in the prior episodes. It’s a little exposition-heavy at times, but I felt that this episode did feel a lot more coherent than the show has until now.

It helps that there’s a fantastic, extended action sequence towards the end of the episode that’s genuinely excellent – it’s a wonderful showcase not just for Iman Vellani’s character and her newfound abilities, but also for the city that she’s travelled to – which provides a colourful and distinct backdrop to the action.

The familial drama still feels like the most authentic and involving element of the show – and the more hyperactive stylistic flourishes seem diminished again – but at least this time the action sequences really feel like they have some heft, as well as some consequences.

There’s only a few episodes to go – and though I can’t claim that Ms. Marvel has been an all-round success so far, it’s absolutely nailed the real world elements and the more comic book-esque elements are falling into place and Iman Vellani continues to charm too.

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