Despite writing daily for this very blog, I also find the time to work on articles for other websites and publications.

I’ve often shared these when it’s an article I’m particularly proud of or if it feels like a big deal, but lots of stuff goes unannounced or falls by the wayside for whatever reason.

I write several articles for Retro Dodo on a monthly basis and it’s these very articles that often don’t get enough of a push from me here. Which is a shame, because these form the basis of the work that I enjoy working on almost more than any other articles I’ve had published.

Recently, there’s been some really interesting news and lists that I’ve written – and I wanted to link to them here.

First up, the news that a Twitch streamer managed – with crowdsourced assistance from the global hivemind that is THE INTERNET – to complete scans of every single English-language SNES manual, then making them available online for no charge at all, was a great story. I even managed to sneak some very personal history in there too. You can check out that article here.

With Forza Horizon 5’s fantastic Hot Wheels DLC arriving this week, it was also a perfect time to check out and rank the best Hot Wheels games of all time. You can check out my thoughts on which Hot Wheels games are the best right here.

Another ‘best of’ article saw me ranking what I considered the best 90s arcade games. Though a few choices here may be a little controversial, do remember that these are my own choices for what I consider the absolute pinnacle of 90s arcade games. No doubt there’ll be few arguments about what sits right at the top, in the number one slot. You can check that article out here.

The Metroidvania genre is one of my favourites; done right, Metroidvania titles can be among the most satisfying video game experiences ever. The Shantae games by WayForward fit the Metroidvania mould and a few are among the best in the genre; I ranked the Shantae games here.

Lastly, I wanted to share my thoughts on the best zombie arcade games of all time. There’s surprisingly few of them, though paradoxically there’s lots of House of the Dead games. No surprise, then, to see that series dominating the list, which you’ll find here.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking around, reading this article and checking out my blog. I work really hard on providing content daily no matter what may be happening in my life; getting views and positive feedback means the world to me. So thank you!

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