An ex-apprentice of the Mystic Arts is using his Sling Ring inappropriately – and Sorcerer Supreme Wong enlists Jen’s help in an attempt to legally put a stop to the dangerous shenanigans. Meanwhile, Jen has a hard time on the dating scene – but could She-Hulk have more success?

This fourth episode is another fun, if fairly inconsequential adventure. If I have a complaint, it’s that the legal aspect feels kind of shaky and shoehorned in; the mystical action – as brief as it is – is nicely done though, as is the look at Jen/She-Hulk’s attempt to get back into dating again, which has some no doubt very relatable aspects for women who constantly find themselves running into total, self-absorbed douchebags who seem blissfully unaware of their shortcomings.

Until the very end – which picks up on an earlier plot thread – this episode does feel like filler, but it’s certainly not bad. The dialogue – including what feels like more fourth wall breaking and very meta asides to camera – is great, but you’d likely miss nothing much of importance if you did skip this episode. Wong proves again why he’s such a beloved and popular MCU creation though; far removed from his problematic comic book origins, he’s an absolute treasure (and he deservedly gets the spotlight in the post-credits scene too!).

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