Theta’s hunt for the Yautja – aka Predator – who massacred her entire colony continues. However, she runs into difficulty on a frozen planet – and in trying to survive, she has a run in with other beings just as desperate to keep going as she is. With the freezing temperatures being far from ideal conditions for a Yautja to be present, it seems that her hunt is on pause until she can escape. Or is it?

Though – in the wake of the release of the excellent prequel on Disney Plus – the events of all previous Predator movies are listed in a timeline except Prey is still jarring, it’s great to see the events of all other Predator movies forming a consistent, acknowledged continuity. And setting this story so far in the future allows for some really interesting elements that we haven’t seen in Predator stories before.

Given that humanity has spread so far and wide across the galaxy by the time this story takes place, it’s almost a given that other alien species (though no, not that Alien – at least not yet) beyond the Yautja exist and are known too. It makes for a very interesting sequence in which Theta’s morality is seriously tested.

Ed Brisson’s writing is excellent – taking us down these unusual paths – and Kev Walker’s art is once again a real highlight. It thankfully stays away from the pseudo-photorealism that has plagued the Marvel Alien comic, feeling much more dynamic and expressive as a result, with great clarity in its storytelling. It doesn’t skimp on gore either.

So far, Marvel’s Predator comic feels a lot more daring, as well as thematically and stylistically interesting in comparison to its Alien series. I’m definitely on board with this one; it’s a thrilling and unique story so far – let’s hope it continues in that vein as the series progresses.

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