There’s a fine line to be walked when being meta and breaking the fourth wall; self-referencing so heavily can come at a cost – which unfortunately, is the case with this sixth episode of She-Hulk.

Early on in the episode, Jen turns to camera and remarks that if it seems sudden and inconvenient to have a standalone wedding episode placed at this point of the season, that’s because weddings are that way by their very nature. Yet it can’t help feeling like this whole episode really does insert itself in a very inconvenient spot, especially given the final shot of last week’s episode, which hinted at the imminent arrival of Daredevil.

Spoiler alert: you’re going to be waiting a little while longer for Matt Murdock to show up.

Though this episode is – like every other episode of She-Hulk – still fun and amusing, the series can’t coast on those qualities alone. A few late stage threads do give us some real intrigue and reveal the reason why we’re shown certain sequences in the ‘previously…’ recap, but by the time they come through it’s little more than tease and setup for the next episode.

Just Jen is a good look at the woman behind the She-Hulk, but in a series that’s been great at taking a more character-based approach with its protagonist, that sort of insight hasn’t been thin on the ground anyway. I don’t want to seem too down on She-Hulk or this episode in particular – I still enjoyed it – but with so few episodes in this Disney Plus series to go, why have we got more than one episode that feels like filler?

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