An uneasy alliance has been struck between the heroes and at least one vampire, while another team does their best to sneak through hordes of vampires and Oliver Queen – Green Arrow – tries to save humans from a blood farm.

I ended my read of issue #9 on a really hopeful note; finally, the inconsistent storytelling seemed to have settle down and it looked like we were heading towards an epic finale.

Yet issue #10 blows it once more. Not only does the art lack clarity to such an extent that there’s a few sequences where I’m genuinely perplexed as to what happened, but it commits the cardinal sin of not explaining one event and directing readers to check out the spin off series, DC vs Vampires: All Out War, instead.

It’s a real shame; the out of continuity nature of this story meant that it opened spectacularly and shockingly, with some jaw dropping heel turns and plot twists.

Yet it’s completely devolved into a mess of half-baked, separate stories that barely feel related and don’t seem to be adding anything to the overall experience. It’s badly told from a writing and artwork perspective – and they still want us to spend more money on trying to piece together what’s going on overall. No thanks.

With only two issues to go, it’s going to take a superhuman sized miracle to bring us a satisfying conclusion. I’m not holding my breath.

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