I’m incredibly late to the party with November’s Evercade Game of the Month, as there’s only a few days left to check out the current freebie.

That said, once you’ve downloaded it, it won’t be replaced until you update your console again – so you can extend that time if you wish!

The origins of Yeah Yeah Beebiss I are pretty infamous amongst old school gamers; it’s a legendary NES title that no one has ever seen!

So where did it come from? Well, this is the interesting thing. Back in the days before the internet, video game retailers would often list pretty much their entire current and upcoming ranges in print ads.

Retailer Play It Again did this in a June ’89 ad – and among the listed games was Yeah Yeah Beebiss I.

This game never existed, which makes it even weirder that another retailer, Funco, ran an ad a few months later which also featured Yeah Yeah Beebiss I.

One of many theories is that the title was a mistranslation of an actual game that never ended up being localised into English from Japanese; it’s this theory that YouTuber John Riggs went with when crafting his sequel to this non-existent game.

So Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is a sort of sequel to a Bandai game featuring Chinese Hopping Vampires, which was a mini game collection controlled by the Family Trainer mat peripheral.

Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is a single screen platformer which could have been a one joke premise, but it’s actually a pretty addictive game – in which one or two players must clear each stage of ‘Evil’ within a strict time limit, over 100 stages – with a great chiptune soundtrack that replicates famous pieces of classical music.

To access Yeah Yeah Beebiss II on your Evercade VS, simply update your console to the latest firmware via Wi-Fi and it’ll be automatically installed. You can use save states and keep the title as long as you don’t update your system; however, do note that your save states won’t carry on when Yeah Yeah Beebiss II is released on the Indie Heroes 2 cartridge.

Just like all other previously available Game of the Month titles, it’ll be appearing on that cartridge – which is due later this year, but as yet doesn’t have a release date.

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