It’s always pretty cool when a game can sell you on it’s entire concept and almost all of its rules just from a brief summary on the box.

It’s something that tile laying wordplay game Turn A Phrase does really well.

In Turn A Phrase, players compete to get rid of their tiles, by matching pictures with others and using a phrase in order to do so.

The box has a few examples: declaring ‘Bath time’ when matching a bath next to a watch or ‘time flies’ when laying a bird next to the watch.

You get the idea just from that; it’s incredibly straightforward.

You can get rid of more tiles if you make multiple matches and phrases – or even if you can match tile background colours as you place them.

It’s all fast paced, good natured fun and the double sided tiles are cleanly, clearly illustrated.

The fun does depend on who’s playing, however. Other players must judge whether or not a phrase is allowed; sometimes, players may try making a match and phrase that’s a bit tenuous, which can be blocked by grumpy, judgey opponents. This can end up being a bit on the frustrating side – especially if your mind goes blank and you can’t see what other matches you can make.

However, games are over in the blink of an eye – you’ll rarely take more than ten minutes to play a game of Turn A Phrase.

It’s a clever little game that is a bit shallow, but you’ll be able to get players of just about any age involved within seconds of opening the box – which is always a bonus.

It’s perhaps not one for the serious board gamers out there, but as a clever, creative family game it’s a winner.

You can buy Turn A Phrase from Amazon here.

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