The High Republic Era continues to be expanded upon in books, comics and even audio dramas, with this new Dark Horse Comics series relaunching after previously having found a home at IDW Publishing.

It was always a bit of a strange arrangement, given that Disney, who own Star Wars, also own Marvel – why not just keep the all ages-friendly High Republic spin-off in house?

I’m not sure of the ins and outs of what led to IDW losing the license and Dark Horse Comics picking it up – but it is good to see Star Wars back at Dark Horse, after they so carefully nurtured the license for over 20 years before the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars deal came to fruition.

In any case, here we have a story about a young Jedi Padawan, Sav Malagán, who joins the crew of notorious pirate Maz Kanata – leading Malagán to question whether or not she even wants to remain part of the Jedi Order.

The High Republic period is around 400 years prior to the prequels, so things are fairly different, though still recognisably Star Wars, than we’re perhaps used to.

It’s interesting to see Maz Kanata involved so heavily here too; I wasn’t aware that the sequel character was so long-lived!

Though the setting is fairly intriguing and the inclusion of Maz Kanata is not unwelcome, it’s a bit of a dull start to the story, full of exposition and not particularly interesting in terms of its events by the end of the issue.

I can’t say I was particularly involved or interested in the fate of any of the characters, especially the thinly sketched protagonist.

As to whether or not I’ll pick up the second issue, that’s a resounding ‘probably not’, unless I hear that it improves massively upon this one.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with the art, which is pretty strong throughout, but the writing just struck me as pedestrian here, unfortunately.

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