I wouldn’t normally do this; certainly not just a few weeks after an episode has aired anyway.

Yet I went back and rewatched The Mandalorian’s recent Season 3 episode, The Convert, after not really enjoying the way it was unceremoniously dumped in the middle of Din Djarin’s ongoing plot to redeem himself and the outcome was surprising.

Unlike the first time I watched it, I didn’t hate it.

Sure, I guess hate is a strong word even for my reaction the first time I saw the episode.

It was nothing to do with the execution of Dr. Pershing’s side story at all, which was genuinely well directed, very well acted and had a superb score to boot.

I think the biggest issue for me is that it really is just like a massive chunk of barely related narrative, delivered just after an absolutely phenomenal and thrilling opening sequence that was, of course, directly related to The Mandalorian’s ongoing storyline, such as it is.

It was clunky and not foreshadowed in the slightest; why not dish out Pershing’s story over the course of the season?

I still don’t have faith that it’s going to properly pay off, either, which is frustrating.

It does, however, show the potential in a post-Return of the Jedi anthology show; one that’s more grounded in the politics and social situations of the Star Wars universe than the adventures of an intergalactic bounty hunter, yet perhaps a shade or two lighter than the heavy, intense Andor.

Ultimately, the Dr. Pershing story – which was very well written, especially all alongside the aimless feel of the current season; the dark twist was shocking and brilliantly executed too – deserved better than to be a weird aside in The Mandalorian; it was built like its own thing and probably should have been a Marvel-style One Shot or Special Presentation.

It was great, but as an episode of The Mandalorian it only served to, understandably, annoy the fans.

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