For geeks and gamers of a certain age, the 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon holds a very special place in our hearts.

This IDW comic – like the rest of their Saturday Morning Adventures line – takes readers back to the Forgotten Realms and the displaced young heroes who find themselves trapped there.

If you’re not familiar with the animated Dungeons and Dragons series, the premise sees a group of teens (and the younger brother of one of the teenagers) checking out a Dungeons and Dragons ride at a theme park. Unbeknownst to them, it’s actually a portal to the D&D setting of the Forgotten Realms – where they’re transported (and trapped!). Attacked by the evil Venger, they’re given clothing and equipment – based on their personalities and abilities – by the Yoda-esque Dungeon Master.

Though they spend a lot of time defending themselves from evil creatures – and the dastardly Venger himself – they also look to try and find a way back home to our world.

The series was cancelled before it could reach a conclusion, however, leaving our diverse group of heroes in the Forgotten Realms forever.

They have made an appearance in the imminent Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves live action movie, however – and appear to have aged, revealing that they really have been in the Forgotten Realms since the 80s.

Yet this comic takes us back to the cartoon’s time period, doing a fantastic job of reintroducing fans (and perhaps introducing them altogether to newcomers). Every character gets an almost stat block-esque piece of exposition and most of them get a moment appropriate to their character too.

It’s a simple enough set up, with our characters trying to take a much needed rest from their adventures and failing to do so, as monsters attack them by their campfire.

The artwork is superb, even if it looks a little too slick and accomplished to feel exactly like the show, it hews closely to its vibrant colours and the general look of the world.

The writing is great and it’s clear that this is a comic by fans, for the fans; even newer concerts to D&D should grasp the basics easily, however.

I’d highly recommend checking it out, particularly if – like me – you were a fan of the cartoon during its original run. It’s a lovely, comforting piece of nostalgia as well as a great continuation of the show’s story.

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