It’s been really interesting to see the different places that Imperial Special Forces team, Inferno Squad, pop up within the wider world of Star Wars.

First appearing in video game Star Wars: Battlefront II as the focus of the single player game (though beaten to store shelves by the game’s novelisation, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad), they’ve also featured in tabletop miniatures game Star Wars Legion as a playable unit of miniatures and cards, with squad leader Iden Versio (complete with her droid assistant ID-10) available as a separate unit altogether, able to command any Imperial squad.

They’re also a minor part of the X-Wing tabletop miniatures game too!

They’re one of the most fascinating set of Imperial characters; though trooper squads are often faceless and devoid of development, that’s not the case with Inferno Squad – who are unique, complex characters. Spoiler alert: two of them even end up defecting to the Rebellion.

So it’s great to see them in action again in the pages of Star Wars comic Bounty Hunters. Though competent and well written – with a diverse cast of distinct characters – I’ve never massively enjoyed Bounty Hunters.

It’s perfectly serviceable stuff, but for some reason the characters just don’t interest me. It doesn’t help that, while they interact with bigger characters in the Star Wars universe and often find themselves in the midst of the big comic crossovers, they’re never able to affect very much of note, due to the fact that their stories take place within the original trilogy’s timeline.

The same is true here, unfortunately – as it’s set prior to the major developments of Battlefront II; therefore, we know that Inferno Squad aren’t going to suffer any casualties themselves.

However, it does look as if the Squad are going to be making a great deal of troy for the titular Bounty Hunters; though I’m not overly enamoured with this issue, I’m intrigued enough to see how it pans out in the second part of the story.

Besides, it’s always great to see the superb Inferno Squad in action; even better to see them grace the cover of a comic – proving just how popular their appearance in Battlefront II made them!

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