As part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations for 1983 Star Wars trilogy climax Return of the Jedi, Marvel are releasing a short series of one-off issues focusing on different characters and situations related to the third movie.

This first one – Jabba’s Palace – was a fun, if tragic tale of why the Hutt was so displeased with his previous protocol droid, necessitating the use of C-3PO as his new translator.

In the Ewoks One-Shot, the lovable little tribespeople gathered around a campfire to tell each other stories. Three stories, as well as the framing tale, were featured – all without any speech – including a surprisingly scary story!

This time, we get a more straightforward tale – with Lando and Chewie looking to get the plans to Jabba’s Palace, in order to help them infiltrate the Hutt’s seedy den and rescue their friend, Han Solo.

Chewie still doesn’t trust Lando, thanks to the latter being a big part of why their friend is currently being used as an ornament by the vile Jabba the Hutt. That’s the least of their troubles, however – because the Empire has a bounty on Lando’s head, that certain unsavoury characters would love to collect…

This was another successful issue – and not only does writer Stephanie Phillips totally nail the characterisation of the main characters, but she also presents a great story that perfectly slots into the space between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

It’s a neat little caper that even finds time, naturally, for a game of Sabacc to feature.

Álvaro López does a great job with the art – it doesn’t feel slavishly photo referenced, which is great, but does have a realistic look; even with the debuting characters.

The real star of the show is Antonio Fabela, however – who has produced an eye-poppingly gorgeous job with the colours; it’s a bold, vibrant colour scheme that feels incredibly retro, but totally fitting.

Given the surprising darkness of the issue featuring the cuddly Ewoks, it’s even more refreshing to see such a brilliantly showy colour palette here.

Even though I’ve enjoyed each of these one-off 40th anniversary comics – and especially, perhaps surprisingly, enjoyed the Ewoks issue – I think this Lando issue is my favourite so far; it’s brilliantly written, very nicely illustrated and coloured to perfection.

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