I had heard of reality TV series, Deadliest Catch, which concerns itself with Alaskan King Crab fishing, but I must confess that I have never seen it.

In doing some research on the subject matter covered by the show, I came across some shocking statistics (thanks, Wikipedia!). The Deadliest Catch’s pilot episode states that, during the main crab season, the rate of fatalities is, somewhat alarmingly, an average of nearly one fisherman per week. Even more eye-opening is the injury rate for crews on most crab boats – which is close to 100%, all of which is due to the extreme weather conditions and working with heavy machinery in less than perfect circumstances.

A life or death tussle against the elements and your own equipment in an effort to catch belligerent aquatic creatures sounds like great subject matter for a game; Polish studio Moonlit and publisher Ultimate Games clearly agree, as Deadliest Catch: The Game is on track to be released for Steam, in Early Access form at least, on November 14th 2019. Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions are also planned but no release date is available at this stage.

Given the publisher’s experience with games such as Ultimate Fishing Simulator, it seems to be in good hands; the trailer (which can be seen on the game’s Steam store page here) is certainly very impressive – theres a high level of realism in terms of the water physics, along with the general look and feel of the ship and the crustaceans you’ll be catching.

There are also elements of ship and crew management to add to the crab-catching and dynamic weather to contend with. For a smaller, lesser known studio production, it looks outstanding – from a technical point of view at least.

I’m keen to get my hands on a promised demo from the publisher, but in the meantime I’ll be looking forward to checking out the game – or at least, the early version of it – when it launches on Steam in November.

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