Having already succumbed to the wonderfully inventive – and sometimes maddeningly brainbending – charms of Exit, the escape room style series of games by Kosmos, I was keen to check out their newest series, Adventure Games.

Deliberately evoking the feel of old school PC point and click adventures, the Adventure Games have a great advantage over the Exit series, in that they can be replayed. Not only that, but there are multiple endings – so playing more than once isn’t just possible, it’s something you’ll definitely want to do!

As with the Exit games, it’s difficult to go into specifics of what you’ll be doing without ruining the experience, but in the title my group played (the fantasy themed The Dungeon – with the only other game in the series so far being a more sci-fi based effort called Monochrome Inc.), the players wake up in a dungeon – with the aim being to escape.

To do so, you’ll find clues and objects in each room, using and combining what you find and engaging in conversation with any non player characters you come across. The systems devised to make this possible in a tabletop game are ingenious and everyone, despite taking turns, will feel invested in getting out of the dungeon every step of the way. Of particular note is the way the locations build up as you explore into what feels like a map; it’s one of many excellent touches.

If you’re a fan of PC point and click adventures and you’d like an pseudo-escape room style experience with added replay value and multiple endings, the Kosmos Games-published Adventure Games will definitely be right up your street. They’re simple to grasp, wonderfully designed from a mechanical point of view and brilliantly illustrated and written. Highly recommended.

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