Windosill Macintosh Front Cover

Another title that’s part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (which now contains over 1700 items for a $5 minimum – and ends tomorrow), Windosill is a gentle puzzle game that sees you poking, pulling, pushing, twisting and prodding different objects in order to open the way for a car to move to the next of the fixed, single screen puzzle stages.

Windosill Screenshot

It’s all very pleasingly tactile, with much in the way of trial and error needed as you explore the different ways to manipulate the bizarre objects and surreal environments on each screen.

It’s a very relaxing and creative experience, with even the title screen being joyously toy-like in its construction.

Windosill Screenshot

Though I occasionally came across a screen that left me scratching my head as to how to proceed, enough poking around eventually led me to the solution. It’s not for everyone, given its lack of story or any consistent logic between screens – given its surrealist nature – but I definitely had fun playing around in the various imaginative – if small – worlds that my cute little car made its way into.

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