Available on: Switch, Android & iOS – Version Played: Switch – Price (Switch): £4.49/$4.99 – Published by: Forever Entertainment

Tapping into the same oddly therapeutic arranging of objects as games such as Tetris – albeit in a far less abstract sense – Pack Master sees you trying to pack all of your stuff into increasingly oddly shaped and cramped suitcases.

It’s offers a huge number of little spatial puzzles, with appealing visuals and jaunty – if eventually repetitive – music to accompany the gameplay.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the music that becomes repetitive – with such a huge number of levels that get increasingly fiddly (and with odd difficulty spikes, sometimes even additional ‘forgotten’ items that appear after you think you’ve completed a stage), the game does become a bit wearying to progress through.

The controls can be a little awkward, particularly under time pressure and with so many objects to pick and pack. Using touchscreen controls negates this a bit, but when suitcases are cramped and stuffed with lots of items to rearrange, even this can become a bit of a hassle.

Nevertheless, the game does have a certain charm and it’s very satisfying to complete a few stages here and there; shorter game sessions, where the concept doesn’t outstay its welcome, seem to be the key.

Along with the huge number of single player stages to complete and unlock, there’s also a multiplayer mode in which you can compete with friends.

It’s a nice little game, but its simplicity, eventual difficulty spikes and lack of variety in the concept can become a bit tiresome after a while.

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