Hidden Through Time Xbox One Front Cover

Tapping into the same addictive character spotting, scene scanning fun that you get from the Where’s Wally (or Waldo, if you’re across the Atlantic) books, Hidden Through Time is a delightfully relaxed experience that can be enjoyed by players of any age.

Levels take place in charmingly designed historical (and pre-historical) scenes with minimal animation, featuring little visual jokes peppering each stage. Objects to be found appear at the bottom of the screen and must be found in order to unlock later stages, though it’s not necessary to find them all before moving on (which is good, because some of the tiny, deviously hidden objects are extremely tricky to find).

Some objects within the scene can be interacted with in order to find objects or characters that aren’t simply strewn about the landscape – for example, you can check inside houses or chip away at sculptures to uncover items that you’ve been tasked with discovering.

Hidden Through Time Screenshot

It’s delightfully chilled out, with some very relaxing music accompanying the object spotting fun. There’s no way to fail and there’s no penalty for just clicking anywhere you want on the screen (which you may find yourself doing in moments of desperation!).

Though the main game mode provides plenty of entertainment, there’s also a robust, easy to use and very addictive level designer, which allows you to upload levels – and play levels designed by other players too. It’s an excellent package.

Hidden Through Time Screenshot

Should you need more stages to work through, there’s two DLC level packs too – one set in ancient Japan and another Viking-themed. Both are reasonably priced.

I’ve really enjoyed finding the adorable characters and random bits and pieces in the well designed scenes in Hidden Through Time; it’s been a while since I’ve played something that’s so challenging and yet chilled out at the same time. Great stuff.

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