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I’ve been complaining in the last few weeks that, although we’re getting some stunning, classic Star Wars action on a regular basis in The Mandalorian, season two so far has felt incredibly formulaic (Mandalorian goes somewhere for help on finding the Jedi, does dangerous job in exchange for information, rinse and repeat). Even though The Siege does feel incredibly sidequesty at first, we’re given some very interesting nuggets of detail as to what the remnants of the Empire want with everyone’s favourite animatronic baby, The Child.

We also get a lot of Stormtrooper action and even a Scout-Troopers-on-speeder-bikes chase sequence, which is brilliantly handled. Those of you expecting the fan favourite female force user to pop up after being name dropped in last week’s episode are going to be sorely disappointed, however.

The Siege – directed by Carl Weathers – features some excellent recurring Season One characters who really get a chance to shine, as well as quite a few genuinely hilarious moments with The Child (who is seriously hungry, all the time – come on, Mandalorian, please start feeding the poor little guy).

The Mandalorian continues to impress with the way it’s shot and designed – every episode feels like it could be part of a big screen adventure and has an undeniably ‘true’ Star Wars atmosphere – but it’s a shame that, so far this season, we’ve not made much progress in terms of our shiny protagonist’s main quest – and we’re already halfway through the season with this episode.

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