One of the most highly acclaimed indie puzzle adventures of the last few years, Heaven’s Vault is being released in physical limited editions by Strictly Limited Games on PS4 and Switch. Pre-orders are kicking off at 12am CEST on the 12th of June, which means that there’s not long left to secure yourself a beautifully produced copy of this unique puzzle adventure.

What sets Heaven’s Vault apart from other adventure games is a full, unique language created especially for the game, consisting of around 3,000 words. The original, hieroglyphics-based language forms the basis of many puzzles in the way of archaeologist Aliya Elasra – and her robot sidekick, Six – who are seeking to discover the ancient secret of the titular Heaven’s Vault.

It’s not just this linguistic twist that makes Heaven’s Vault unusual though; its sci-fi, intergalactic setting places the adventure in the Nebula, a network of moons linked by rivers in space – giving the story and worlds it depicts a strange and visually unique feel.

There’s a non-linear approach to Heaven’s Vault too, with the game also featuring a fully adaptive narrative. According to the press release, the game ‘remembers every choice you make, every discovery, and every action you take, influencing what happens next’.

I wasn’t being hyperbolic when I mentioned how critically acclaimed Heaven’s Vault has been either – to date, it’s won – or been nominated for – several high profile and highly regarded games industry awards.

So naturally, it’s only right that such a well received title also gets a chance to be featured as one of the lavish physical releases that Strictly Limited Games are well known for.

As is often the case, collectors have the option of four different editions of the game from Strictly Limited; firstly, there’s the standard Limited Edition which comes complete with a manual (with 1900 copies of the Switch version being made available and 900 on PS4; both are retailing at €29.99/$32.99).

Next up is the Book Bundle of the game, which features the standard Limited Edition version along with two Heaven’s Vault novels by the game’s narrative director, Jon Ingold. Just 100 of these are being produced for Switch and PS4, with both priced at €59.99/$64.99.

The stunning Special Limited Edition comes complete with the standard Limited Edition, a special Limited Edition Box, the game’s soundtrack on CD, a set of puzzle cards, an A6 printed timeline of the Nebula, a notebook, bookmark and stickers. 900 copies will be available for Switch and just 400 for PS4, with each version priced at €49.99/$53.99.

If that edition still isn’t enough for you, there’s a Special Limited Edition Book Bundle version too, which adds the two novels to the Special Limited Edition. This one is limited to 100 copies on Switch and PS4, priced at €79.99/$84.99 on both formats.

You can sign up to be alerted to pre-orders going live – as well as purchase your chosen edition of Heaven’s Vault – at this link.

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