The four issue homage to the campy 80s GI Joe cartoon concludes here, with the Genie having granted Cobra Commander’s final wish to end the conflict – but if course, not in a way that’s to the evil leader’s liking. So unlikely alliances are struck, the battle rages on and a surprising hero saves the day!

This mini-series has been an absolute joy from beginning to end, knowingly daft in its adherence to the style of the silly cartoon it’s based on and having so much fun as a shot of pure childhood nostalgia.

The art has been just as accurate in recreating the cartoon’s style as the writing, with a wonderful, cheap cel animation style that perfectly captures the look and feel of the 80s series.

It’s a real bummer that IDW are losing the GI Joe license this year, as they have done some incredible work with it – not just here with this direct hit of fun and nostalgia, but with their main series and spin offs too.

Though it is sad that the license is reverting to Hasbro, at least IDW are going out with a bang, with this experiment in style and content being a strong reminder that licensed comics don’t have to be cheap, lazy cash-ins. In fairness, IDW have always treated their licensed comics with the utmost care and attention; GI Joe has been no different in that regard.

Brilliant stuff and highly recommended, particularly if you, like me, grew up watching these extended toy adverts on TV!

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