The fun continues in Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids #2, a series which sees the two gross out 80s properties meet for the first time.

Another two stories and some cleverly designed activity pages feature here. The first story sees the Snobbé family’s peace ruined by their neighbours – the Madballs AND the Garbage Pail Kids – who are making quite a racket, then the second takes us to the grossest, craziest science fair you’ve ever seen!

It’s all good, not-exactly-clean (though that’s not to say it isn’t family friendly – it is!) fun – and there’s something admirable about having a comic to read that doesn’t have any pretensions about being anything more than just a rollercoaster of puns, visual gags and toilet humour. It’s all refreshingly, deliberately low brow and I’m totally here for it.

Jason Crosby’s art and colours are once again a perfect fit for both franchises and do a great job of keeping with the spirit of each, making the disparate characters feel like part of a single universe. Not that writer Sholly Fisch goes to any lengths to explain the smashing together of the two sets of characters; it’s not needed in any case; we just accept that the slimy, snotty spheres and similarly disgusting Cabbage Patch Doll parodies just exist together – and that’s that.

Old 80s kids should get quite a nostalgic kick out of this comic, but no doubt younger readers with a taste for daft, gross humour will enjoy it just as much. It’s a genuine delight; though our parents were disgusted by these things back in the 80s, today’s parents should have no problem introducing their own kids to the off kilter charm of the Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids.

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  1. Really cool you’re enjoying the series. Being that this is my first ever comic art, I’m learning each issue and feel like I’m more comfortable each issue.

    Thanks for the positive review and glad you’re enjoying the snot-filled, pun-tastic series.

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