Following the revelation that, rather than being released, once their sentences are up all prisoners are simply being shifted elsewhere within the Imperial incarceration system, Andor is able to get Kino’s assistance. A plan is soon in place to take advantage of the rigid Imperial routine and break out of the prison – but will they be able to work together to overcome the prison staff and make it out to safety? Meanwhile, Mon Mothma needs to strike a deal to ensure that funding for the burgeoning Rebellion is secure – but it will come with a heavy price. The ISB are also laying a trap for the insurgents, but there’s more afoot here than meets the eye.

This isn’t supposed to happen. I’m a writer; I’m proud of my vocabulary and of being able to find ways to dissect and comment upon all kinds of entertainment – comics, video games, board games, books, music, films and TV shows.

Yet this episode of Andor has left me near speechless, such was the whirlwind of emotions I felt over the course of the near-hour run time.

It punched me in the gut repeatedly, having me on the edge of my seat, punching the air and on the verge of tears at various points. It’s an absolute rollercoaster; a blindingly good episode from a series that has been an absolute revelation all the way through.

In previous weeks, I’ve mused that Andor has given us what is perhaps the finest piece of Star Wars media there has ever been. It’s time to drop that ‘perhaps’ entirely – every thread of Andor, every scene, every situation its cast of characters finds themselves in – whether it be a prison break, the Empire seeing small victories emerge from the plans of their bureaucratic staff, sickeningly unsavoury deals being offered or new alliances and betrayals revealed – is as compelling, dramatic and emotionally involving as the next.

I find myself feeling like a broken record in praise of the astonishing cast, the incredible 70s style production design and Nicholas Britell’s phenomenal soundtrack – but it really does bear repeating that every single element of Andor is stunning in its execution.

It truly sets a high bar for Star Wars and even Disney Plus shows in general; never did I expect a show about a relatively minor – yet important within the universe – character, whose fate is known, would be aiming so high and delivering on its lofty ambitions at every single moment. Come awards season, Andor needs to be everywhere.

It’s not only the best Star Wars has ever been, but in my opinion, one of the very finest pieces of science fiction television I’ve ever seen.

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