The final GI Joe IDW story arc continues to disappoint, with a messy story involving clones, resurrections, uninteresting heel and face turns and a supposedly epic scale that feels anything but.

The camp silliness is only part of the problem; we’re supposedly seeing lots of old Joes coming back, but everything feels so small and contained, in and around the casino on Cobra Island (don’t ask).

As I’ll always stress, camp storylines have their place within GI Joe; it doesn’t have to always take itself so seriously. Yet I think Larry Hama has really misjudged this one, given that it’s the last hurrah for the IDW GI Joe series.

I am still bewildered as to how this particular storyline was deemed the one to be the IDW swansong for GI Joe; it’s absolutely atrocious on so many levels.

The art is at least halfway competent this time, though there have been moments where the storytelling has been less than clear throughout this particular arc.

There’s just one issue to go – and I’d love for that final issue to completely change my mind and turn my opinion around, but on the evidence of these issues leading up to the finale, Hama and co will have to have one hell of a trick up their sleeve.

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