Ever since I started this blog, I’ve periodically popped up with a Star Wars related article or review and really hammered home just how much the franchise means to me.

As a kid, growing up on the fifth floor of a grey, concrete tower block in a deprived North London suburb, the Star Wars saga was a near essential escape from the depressing reality I lived in.

It was colourful, action packed and most of all, it gave me hope. After all, if a farm boy from the arse end of the galaxy could turn out to be a hero, why couldn’t a weird little kid from a council estate aspire to more than he was apparently destined for?

So yes, Star Wars had a massive impact on me, right from my earliest memories of seeing The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen, through the wilderness years that saw the emergence of the Expanded Universe – mostly in the form of novels, but also with comic books, board games, the West End TTRPG and video games – and even the beginnings of the prequel trilogy. Which, admittedly, had made me lose interest by the time the second film came around and my already low expectations couldn’t even be met.

Yet no matter; in recent years my love of the saga has grown again and I’m back in a state of such hyper focus that it feels like that early to mid 90s period for me again, when I would absolutely devour any and all reference material based on the universe.

So that’s how I came to check out The Mini Book of Lightsabers. Despite being less than 4 inches tall, just under three inches wide and an inch thick, it’s packed with tons of really interesting information on a frankly astonishing variety of lightsabers.

What I’ve always adored about Star Wars lore is just how deep it is if you know where to go and what to read. There’s some absolutely incredible detail in even the smallest of areas of the universe – and this book that focuses solely on lightsabers and their wielders proves that point beautifully.

What’s more, it actually covers some surprisingly obscure blades and their owners; characters and lightsabers from unexpected places such as the VR game Vader Immortal, numerous comics and novels all make an appearance here.

Each are given an illustration of their unique hilt – with the focus definitely being on the hilt design – as well as photos or artwork featuring the lightsaber’s owner.

In universe justification for each aspect of the blade’s design makes this a fascinatingly deep dive into Star Wars lore and, though I can understand why that wouldn’t necessarily be everyone’s cup of blue milk, for me it’s endlessly engrossing to read this kind of background material.

There’s lots of pages that are purely illustrative too, adorned with images of famous lightsaber battles.

For the Star Wars completist in your life, this is likely a book they won’t want to miss. Perhaps not one for the casual fan, but those fans who are deeply obsessed with the saga (yep, that’ll be me then), this is a fantastic little book that won’t break the bank or take up much space on your bookshelf.

You can buy Star Wars: The Mini Book of Lightsabers from Amazon here.

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