The climax of 2015 crossover Vader Down is here, in Darth Vader #15.

Vader and Commander Karbin – a Mon Calamari cyborg – are locked in combat. Meanwhile, Doctor Aphra is seeking a way to get back on Vader’s (relative) good side and an armless C-3PO enlists Leia’s help in stopping Krrsantan. Luke, however, is being taken away on Karbin’s ship…

Despite the fairly small scale nature of the story, it’s surprising how many conflicts are underway as we conclude the story.

Everything is tied up pretty neatly and at least one character meets their end here; given how many of the featured characters go on to be in The Empire Strikes Back, however, you can pretty much boil your guesses down to just a few of the key players her

It’s a perfectly fine ending with only the continuity issue plaguing it; none of the main characters are endangered and the chess pieces must all be moved into position, ready for the next part of the saga.

Overall, Vader Down was a fun story, though its close ties to film continuity made the second half of the story weaker by association.

Its strengths lay in the Vader fight scenes in the first few chapters, but even they have been superseded by scenes such as those in Rogue One and even, to a lesser extent, Disney Plus show Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Still, this is a crossover that knows when to stop and let its respective series go back to going about their business as usual – unlike certain other drawn out, bloated Star Wars tales in recent memory. For that at least, it should definitely be commended.

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