The revelation at the end of last week’s episode – that unknown Mandalorians seem to have been involved in rescuing Moff Gideon from New Republic captivity – is explored further in this week’s episode, as we’re introduced (perhaps re-introduced) a group of mercenary Mandalorians. Meanwhile, Bo-Katan Kryze, accompanied by Din Djarin and Grogu, begins her quest to unite the scattered, disparate Mandalorian clans – yet she, Djarin and the child are talked into assisting a luxurious world with a deadly, malfunctioning droid problem.

After the promising developments in the last episode – which seemed to reorient season three and give it the sense of purpose it had been sorely lacking for several weeks – we’re yet again back to a pointless, irrelevant side quest.

This week is even more of a weird diversion than we usually get with Djarin’s side quests, however. There’s some seriously distracting and unnecessary – fairly huge, too, it must be admitted – celebrity cameos that come completely out of left field.

It’s another pointlessly dragged out episode that only manages to get back to the main quest – which is no longer Djarin’s, but Kryze’s – at the climax, with almost the entirety of the events preceding the final sequence (bar the pre-credits scenes) feeling completely irrelevant and unnecessary.

Only two episodes remain of this third season; why are the creators still stalling for time? It just smacks of a complete lack of direction and forethought – there doesn’t appear to be any plan and we can’t trust that the writers are working towards any sort of satisfactory or logical resolution for the story, such as it is.

That said, one oddly forgotten – and very important – story thread is seemingly resolved and concluded by the episode’s end.

Opening and closing scenes aside, however, this was a very bizarre episode that gave us a little glimpse of prequel era politics bleeding through into the current, post Return of the Jedi status quo – yet did nothing of note for any of our series regulars. It’s incredible – almost impressive – how The Mandalorian keeps on fumbling the ball at this stage, especially after regaining some hope and faith with last week’s episode.

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