Bo-Katan, Din Djarin and their two respective Mandalorian factions have formed an uneasy alliance – thanks to the Darksaber now being in Bo-Katan’s possession, as prophesized – and set out to rekindle their society on their ravaged homeworld. Meanwhile, the scattered remnants of Imperial forces are planning their next move.

Last week’s episode seemed to unite the Star Wars fandom in bafflement, with a side quest that felt incredibly bizarre – serving only to fill time and provide strange excuses for three very distracting cameo appearances.

It also got me my first hate response. When a comment on an article begins with ‘You are an idiot’ and gets more personal and abusive from there, I guess it shows that the fandom isn’t quite as united as it seemed from the general social media response would have indicated.

I was told to shut up, enjoy the ride and wait for the series outcome – and to stop acting as if I’m an authority on Star Wars.

No dissenting voices or abusive comments change how awkwardly written and aimless this third season of The Mandalorian has often felt, however.

Yet, this week we have another strong episode; it does feel at times that the story has become centred on Bo-Katan Kryze over the course of the season, but that’s not an issue in and if itself. It’s actually helped, especially this week, to refocus the story towards a goal for all Mandalorians, not just the more familiar ones such as Djarin and Kryze.

We also see – and hear about – elements of both the Expanded Universe (with Pellaeon, I believe, making his live action debut; I’ll say no more on that) and sequels.

Seeds are repeatedly being sown to explain divisive aspects of the sequel trilogy, in a similar way to how The Clone Wars animated series was able to gracefully flesh out the prequels, making them more satisfying in the process.

There’s a lot to take in this week – with some incredible action, an uncertain fate for a major character and even some superb comic relief involving Grogu.

It does seem as if we’re back on track, ready for a big finale – fingers crossed that The Mandalorian can deliver. It certainly has all of its Dejarik pieces in the right place to deliver an explosive and satisfying conclusion.

This is the way.

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