Bo-Katan Kryze has reunited the Mandalorian clans – but Moff Gideon has lured them into a trap. Setting his new and improved Imperial Super Commandos – complete with jetpacks and Beskar armour – on the captive Mandalorians, they’ve managed to subdue and take control of Din Djarin too – as well as slay the loyal Paz Viszla, who went down fighting as hard as he could. Could the end be near for Djarin, the Mandalorians and even little Grogu?

When The Mandalorian focuses on its main plot, there’s no denying its brilliance. Its directors – in this instance, the superb Rick Famuyiwa – wring amazingly well staged action and drama from the material they’re given, with production values that make it look like a big screen blockbuster.

Though this season has been even more variable than the first two, with pointless side quests, awkwardly delivered chunks of exposition and even a sidelining of its titular protagonist in favour of advancing the stories of other characters, these final two episodes have really delivered in spades.

This episode really feels like a huge action spectacle, with battles taking place on several fronts; there’s so many great character moments and some real edge-of-your-seat stuff in terms of the fate of certain characters, which is incredibly well done. Are there moments where certain characters feel like they’re going to meet their end? Multiple times, it turns out.

There’s an air of finality hanging over this series finale; that’s something which is also reinforced by its ending.

The fact that this season has veered wildly in quality in terms of its episodes, with the writers not seeming to know exactly how to fill the time given to them across eight episodes, means that the story is probably best served by seeing the surviving characters make fan pleasing cameos in other shows (or even movies – who knows at this point). Maybe even a few one off specials here and there.

Season three of The Mandalorian has given us a solid few hours of Star Wars, with an awful lot of mediocrity to wade through along the way – this finale does well to give fans what they want; it’s undeniably a very satisfying ending.

If this were to be the final season of The Mandalorian though, I don’t think I’d be particularly upset.

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