Dungeon Rescue Macintosh Front Cover

Available on Steam, itch.io – also Mac and iOS

Though I’ve covered big budget blockbuster titles here a number of times, I find smaller, more inventive and unusual indie titles to be far more interesting to cover.

Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a game that deserves an awful lot more recognition than it currently has. A cute little roguelike in which you control a dog making its way through a randomly generated dungeon to find its owner, it’s a brilliantly addictive little game.

Dungeon Rescue Screenshot

Each stage is essentially a puzzle in which – most of the time; at least when you’re not facing a boss – you’ll need to work out how to gain enough experience to open the exit without dying in the process. You have some temporal control over the level too, as you’re able to rewind your steps if you go wrong or get yourself trapped in a corner (which is easier to do than you’d expect).

It’s a hugely satisfying and very compelling game, with gorgeous pixel art visuals and quite a stiff challenge to be had, despite the cute looks.

Dungeon Rescue Screenshot

There’s a nice escalation of more puzzly elements as you progress, including switches, enemies that take away more than a single point of health, bombs that can be collected with enough coins and an electric dog doppelganger that mirrors your movements. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, it throws something else at you.

It’s to the game’s credit that it doesn’t ever feel overwhelming, even at its most challenging moments. Though rewinding is possible, if you do die you’ll only have a limited time to succeed before a ghost claims you and sends you back to the start of the dungeon – so it’s definitely worth paying attention to every step you make.

Dungeon Rescue Screenshot

I’m not normally someone who enjoys brain burning puzzle games, but Dungeon Rescue doesn’t ever veer into frustration for me; it’s a wonderful little game that you should definitely check out of you have the chance.

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