Spoilers follow for the Disney Plus show – you have been warned. I mean, Obi-Wan Kenobi episodes 1-3 are right there – so if you haven’t seen them already, go watch them now!

Director Deborah Chow has somehow managed the impossible with Obi-Wan Kenobi; not only adding much needed dramatic weight to the character thanks to a powerhouse performance by Ewan McGregor, but also drawing viewers to the very edge of their seats – and making us care about a situation in which the outcome is already widely known.

The way that tension is built and layers are added onto Darth Vader – not just metaphorically – is nothing short of masterful. An early montage of Vader being pieced together is simply stunning, but entire scenes later on are, Rogue One aside, some of the most excitingly shot Vader action we’ve ever seen. There’s so much here in terms of Vader’s unflinching brutality that it genuinely took me aback. It’s riveting stuff.

Yet there’s much more here than the redemption of characters who were somewhat clumsily dealt with at the conclusion of the Prequel trilogy. Obi-Wan’s paternal relationship with Leia is beautifully handled and incredibly well written, but Leia too gets plenty of moments to yet again demonstrate her empathy and inquisitiveness.

The Inquisitors aren’t simply relegated to the background now that Vader has made his presence loudly and brutally felt – the politics between them as they each seek to curry favour with their superiors is another excellent aspect of this episode.

Somehow, Chow’s miracle-work even extends to the fact that this is somehow the strongest episode yet, despite the high bar set by the opening two episodes.

I remain utterly enthralled by the drama, smaller character moments and the phenomenal, sometimes surprisingly brutal action in Obi-Wan Kenobi; it doesn’t feel like hyperbole to say that the future of Star Wars has rarely looked stronger or in more capable hands.

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