I’ve been a fan of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth ever since I first saw it in the 80s. The late and dearly missed Terry Jones wrote a mind-bogglingly crazy script, full of surreal magical creatures – and Henson, along with his team, brought them all to life in a truly brilliant, tangibly physical way. And that’s without even mentioning David Bowie and his magical, um, trousers. It’s a beautiful modern fairy tale of a film that’s aged pretty well in a number of ways (though admittedly, there’s a few elements that haven’t matured quite so gracefully – but that’s a topic for another time).

So many of its fantastical scenes, dialogue and characters are so deeply ingrained in my mind that it really does feel like a shot of pure, undiluted nostalgia just to see them again – so imagine how it feels to explore and play through the beautifully realised Labyrinth course for Walkabout Mini Golf on the Oculus/Meta Quest 2.

With Walkabout Mini Golf being one of my favourite VR titles, there was pretty much no doubt in my mind that a DLC course based on Labyrinth was going to deliver. After all, a number of extra courses have been made available to purchase on top of the very generous content included in the base game – and every one I’ve tried has been superb.

Labyrinth is probably the biggest and most ambitious course of them all, with some truly devious holes and genuinely challenging hunts for lost balls across its 18 holes. Right from the start, the visual design and content truly evokes the film, with the course itself being a whistlestop tour through the major events of the story. The in-game characters, though low-poly representations of the world’s inhabitants, are instantly recognisable and will bring instant joy to anyone who’s still in love with the movie. As is the case with all other courses in Walkabout Mini Golf, the ambience is incredibly immersive – with the added bonus of being able to explore some very familiar cinematic set pieces.

The holes themselves get seriously devious towards the end of the game and – though I’ve struggled to get anywhere near a respectable score in the last few holes – as always with Walkabout Mini Golf, it’s all about the personal adventure you have on your way to the climax of the course. And there’s so much to uncover; so many nooks, crannies, alternate routes, gravity (and logic) defying sections and even mini mazes to explore.

It’s pretty amazing how much is in here – I must also mention that it contains the usual multiplayer and various challenge modes alongside the standard single player, 18-hole course mode – particularly when you consider that the price of the DLC is the same as any other course for Walkabout Mini Golf (that’s just £2.29 in the UK, which is an absolute steal). I’ve already spent countless hours wandering around the castle grounds and within its walls; both inside and outside the structure, even outside of reality itself, it seems.

It’s not often that I’d describe paid DLC – particularly in a game that’s already so rich in free, included content – as essential, but the Labyrinth course is truly unmissable, just as the game itself as a whole is. If you’re already a fan of Walkabout Mini Golf, you need to get the Labyrinth course – and if you’re a fan of Labyrinth itself already too, well, prepare for a massive treat as you explore the beautifully realised world, as you try to uncover all of its wonderful secrets.

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