A game in the grand tradition of tightly constructed, hardcore, single screen platform challenges such as Super Meat Boy, RITE is a game that gets by without any need for story or preamble of any kind.

You’ll need to move your beautifully animated character through each level, collecting enough tokens to open the exit and, for an extra challenge that may or may not seem tantalisingly easy (but end up being tooth-gnashingly difficult), collect every single token before you leave and move on.

It couldn’t be simpler to play: there’s a jump button, which allows you to control the height of your jump depending on how long you press for…and that’s it. Simply jump and wall slide your way through each – often wittily-titled – level, avoiding deviously placed traps with pixel perfect precision.

With 160 lovingly crafted levels to conquer, there’s an awful lot here to occupy you. The soundtrack is ace too, perfectly complementing the lovely pixel art aesthetic. It’s a game that eventually plays very tough, but also very fair – which is extremely important for a game of this nature. When you die – and you will, often – it always feels like it’s your fault and not because the game surprised you with an unforeseen obstacle or trap.

The difficulty curve is nicely pitched too; so many games of this nature are off-puttingly ramped up in challenge from the get-go, whereas RITE allows you the pleasure of feeling as if you’re just about able to progress, even when you’re facing failure after failure. It gently escalates the challenge until you barely notice just how tough it’s become since you started.

RITE is an excellent game and if you like your platformers to offer a tough – but fair – challenge, it should be right up your street. Great stuff.

Many thanks to The IndiEXP for providing me with a code for RITE for review purposes. RITE is available now for PC and will be available on the Switch from the 23rd of August 2022.

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