It’s action all the way, as Vader is confronted by the nefarious Mon Calamari cyborg, Commander Karbin – and Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie are each involved in battles in close proximity to Vader.

With this issue, we hit upon a bit of a snag: despite building to a climax that should be exciting and uncertain, the placing of this story in the Star Wars timeline means we know that each of our heroes in jeopardy will be ok, robbing the multiple cliffhangers of their tension.

It also suffers from the all-too-Grievous-esque Commander Karbin being such a cartoonishly daft villain. Star Wars isn’t known for its subtlety of course, but this guy is a very odd visual and character overall.

The heavy use of photo referencing rears its ugly head in the art too, with one panel of Luke being instantly recognisably taken from the climax of The Empire Strikes Back.

Despite this crossover being a blast up until this point, the fact that the outcome is known for every major character only really becomes a problem here, but it was just a matter of time before that became an issue.

There’s also some sloppy writing too; the fact that certain characters survive means that they can occasionally get away from situations unscathed when that really shouldn’t be the case; for the second time in two issues, Leia simply runs away from Vader, which is a bit strange to say the least.

It’s not bad – especially for a Star Wars tie-in comic that fits snugly between movie instalments – but this issue does highlight the inherent weaknesses of sticking so closely to continuity and the events of the movies.

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