Due on PC in the fourth quarter of 2019, When I Was Young is an adventure game set during the Vietnam War; the press release states that the player takes on the role of an ‘average American’, whose brother has disappeared in Vietnam.

The player will go on a ‘long and fascinating journey’, again according to the press release. It’s presented in a pixel art style and has an original soundtrack; the mechanics and genre aren’t entirely clear as of yet (from the trailer, there’s definitely the look and feel of a 2D platformer) but we’re promised diverse gameplay along with the intriguing story.

Somewhat unusually for a game based on and around the Vietnam War, the game is being created by a Russian development team – the WallRus Group. Though we’ve become somewhat desensitised to the depiction of older conflicts in video games, the Vietnam War is still relatively recent and controversial for a number of reasons; hopefully, the conflict is presented as tastefully and respectfully as possible.

It’s certainly a fresh take on the subject – even without much in the way of concrete story or setting details – given its pixel art style.

The logo is clearly based on a SNES cartridge, which fits with the retro aesthetic but isn’t relevant to the 60s/70s setting of the game. Hopefully that type of anachronism doesn’t carry over into the game.

When I Was Young is also expected to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2020; the Steam store page can be found here.

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